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Capacitor Codes

Capacitor codes

The notion for a capacitor is Farad (after Michael Faraday) often just an F and specifies the capacity of the capacitor. There are several types of capacitors and two main categories of:

Polarized capacitors:
Tantalim capacitor
(Aluminium) electrolytic capacitor

Non ploarized capacitor:
Ceramic capacitor
Film capacitors

Capacitor markings are normally:
1. Voltage
2. Capacity
3. Temperature

1 Milli Farad = 1/1.000 Farad (mF)
1 Micro Farad = 1/1.000.000 Farad (µF)
1 Nano Farad = 1/ Farad (nF)
1 Pico Farad = 1/ Farad (pF)

Capacity calculator:

Wiki: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farad

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